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Busy Busy Busy - Note From The President - February 2015

Earlier this month, we held our State of Business IT 2015 Event at Victoria Gardens in Rancho Cucamonga. What a great turnout! Thank you to my team and the attendees for making this event a success. The audience was engaged and seemed to take away some very valuable and actionable information. (Pictures on our Facebook)

One of the big areas we highlighted was Carrier Management. Carrier Management is the process of evaluating telephone and internet contracts to make sure the customer is getting the best value and performance for the money they lay out. In 2015 as part of our normal IT Management Services, we took on Carrier Management for our clients.

To date, we have found our clients some amazing results. One of our clients was able to get DOUBLE the performance of their internet connection for HALF of the price! We are actively working to get to all of our clients as soon as possible, or when their telephone/internet contract comes due for renewal.

I have also been very busy meeting with executives of organizations who are trying to get more out of their technology. The first part of the year is when people look to us for help getting the technology portion of their business off to a good start.

It is no secret that Presidents and CEOs find it difficult to be “happy” with their technology results. Let’s be honest: most of us are generally frustrated when we want something new from our systems but find out there are many confusing options – and the options cost lots of money or create tons of issues.

As it turns out, this year I have had many conversations with business leaders that start out with what they think is a simple question. After a long discussion, they find out there is more to the issue than it looks like on the surface. When we dig deep, I generally find that we as owners very often look at the result we want as a “simple” solution.

In every case, the technical options available require a significant amount of planning, design, integration, and cost/ROI analysis. As the technical options we have, like cloud applications and mobility, become more widely accepted, planning and implementation will be even more important. Don’t worry….we're here to help!

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