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Canada’s Premier Innovation and Technology Summit is Coming to Alberta


Edmonton leads the way as Canada’s crucible of innovation and technology

Edmonton, October 10, 2018 – CompuVision, A VC3 Company, is delighted to announce that it will be the content partner with SingularityU Canada to deliver its second Summit, hosted this year in Edmonton, Alberta.

CompuVision, A VC3 Company, and hundreds of other top minds from the leading tech firms in Canada and across the globe will gather in Edmonton for the 2019 SingularityU Canada Summit on 23-24 April 2019. The brightest and best minds from some of the most innovative organizations across Canada will take part in inspiring talks and hands-on workshops, exploring a huge variety of concepts, ideas, and new technologies, such as nanotech, AI, biotech, and digital medicine, and looking at how they are affecting our every day and working lives.

CompuVision, A VC3 Company, is excited to be able to play a part in this exceptional event, building on the success of SingularityU Canada’s inaugural summit in Toronto in October 2017. The choice of Edmonton as host city reinforces its status as the technology capital of Canada and will be a superb showcase of the strength of the technology and innovation industry here and highlight the amazing work of changemakers across Alberta.

Ryan Vestby, CEO of CompuVision, said: “Bringing SingularityU Canada to Alberta opens the door for businesses to start having innovative conversations about their futures. Today, more than ever, we are faced with the dilemma of becoming technology-centric in our traditional businesses. When we can remove linear thinking and start evolving to an exponential mindset we can start living in the future today.”

CompuVision, A VC3 Company, is one of the leading lights of the tech revolution in Alberta, blazing the trail on innovative approaches to integrating tech into the way Canadian companies operate and disrupting the traditional way technology has been viewed by many. Our approach aims to reset outmoded approaches to using technology and, as a result, future-proof organizations against an ever-changing digital horizon.

Vestby continued: “We are delighted to be able to welcome SingularityU Canada and the brilliant minds they will bring with them to Edmonton. We are looking forward to using the summit as an opportunity not just to discover new and exciting developments but to build strong and lasting relationships in the technology sector for Alberta. CompuVision is dedicated to future innovation, and this summit offers the opportunity to explore and share our vision with the sector in Canada and across the world.”

To find out more about the summit and SingularityU Canada visit:

About CompuVision, A VC3 Company

Changing the way you do business. CompuVision, A VC3 Company, provides Managed IT, Cloud Services and Technology Strategy for an evolving North American business landscape. As the way we conduct business changes, CompuVision leverages our comprehensive core services to create a strategic plan for your company’s technological growth today and into the future. With proper strategy, technology becomes a path to cost, time, and human resource advantages that will create opportunities across all departments - effectively eliminating a wide range of pain points to produce a better environment for customers and employees and a flourishing company reputation overall.

About SingularityU Canada

This is SingularityU Canada’s second Summit. In October 2017, the inaugural summit was held in Toronto where more than 1300 leaders gathered for two days of expert presentations, hands-on exploration, interactive workshops, and networking events. Satellite events and livestream viewings brought the content to 6000 participants in 42 local communities across the country. For video of the 2017 summit click here.


Oren Berkovich, President and CEO of SingularityU Canada, said: “With the inaugural SingularityU Canada summit last year, we saw the true strength of the Canadian tech and innovation community. In choosing to come to Alberta, we are expanding the conversation and the community, to share the best of Canadian and International technology, and to highlight the leaders, creators, and innovators who are shaping Alberta, Canada, and the world.”

Don Iveson, Mayor of Edmonton, said: “Edmonton is becoming a primary mover in the global tech community. And it is happening fast. Google has invested in Edmonton. Stantec just opened its door to the largest tower in Canada west of Toronto. We have the University of Alberta, NAIT and the Advanced Technology Centre as well as numerous tech-led companies all leading the way in advanced research and innovation right here in Edmonton. I am thrilled Edmonton will host SingularityU Canada’s Summit this spring and welcome its global learning and innovation community, so we can continue to amplify our city’s strength as a technologically driven entrepreneurial-fueled city.

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