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[Inside VC3] Deployment Specialist: Hands-On Technical Experience In and Out of the Office

Inside VC3 | Deployment Specialist

Inside each VC3 office location is a dedicated area where Deployment Specialists receive, prepare and commission computers for clients. These workshops serve as a bustling hub for technicians whose work equips employees at client companies with the hardware they need to do their jobs. While much of their work takes place in the office, Deployment Specialists also travel to client locations to deliver and set up computer equipment. 

The tasks involved in prepping and setting up new hardware require foundational knowledge, making the Deployment department an excellent entryway into IT for those just starting their careers. This role offers new IT professionals the chance to build and enhance their skills while playing a crucial part in ensuring client success by directly impacting their operations. 

Structured Processes and Skill-Building 

A typical day for a Deployment Specialist at VC3 involves unboxing machines and then following a detailed process to image each computer and install software. These processes are designed to meet each client’s specifications and assure that every individual has the software they need. Every step is documented, and many tasks are automated, streamlining what would otherwise be a very complex procedure. 


People starting out in the Deployment Department appreciate having well-defined processes to follow from beginning to end. Once accustomed to the repetition involved in imaging new hardware, specialists can take on other work that expose them to different situations and build their technical skills in other ways.  

Travel to Client Locations for Installations 

When it’s time to deliver hardware to individuals at client companies, technicians go onsite to install the new equipment and take away the old. They also manage shipments to remote employees, offering guidance by phone through setup procedures and answering any questions that may arise.  

Onboarding_Analyst_Driving_a_Car - Woman (Logo)

Onsite deliveries can range from a single computer setup to a large-scale hardware refresh requiring several days of work at a client facility. Installations are assigned based on proximity of the specialist to the client location, optimizing travel time. Deployment Specialists particularly enjoy the onsite part of their work because it offers a change in routine, plus the opportunity to visit new places and meet people at client companies. 

Since managed IT services are primarily delivered remotely, clients don’t often get to meet the VC3 team in person, so Deployment Specialists almost act like ambassadors when they go onsite. They interact with a variety of people at client locations, conversing with them as they perform their duties. They learn how to communicate effectively with both technical and non-technical people and think on their feet when faced with unexpected situations. 

Managing Warranty Issues and Team Collaboration 

In addition to handling new equipment, Deployment Specialists are also responsible for addressing warranty concerns when they arise. They troubleshoot problems and run diagnostics to identify issues. Then they may make repairs by replacing parts or send the machine back to the manufacturer.  

This hands-on work provides rich opportunities for learning and for collaboration with the rest of the Deployment Team. The team is organized into different levels that go from entry-level to senior status. There’s always a more experienced technician to call on for help to find a solution to a tricky repair, complicated software installation, or installation hiccup. 

Career Satisfaction and Growth Opportunities 

The Deployment Team's attention to detail and focus on completing tasks leads to a sense of accomplishment at the end of each day. Knowing that every computer they deploy enhances users' experiences from their first interaction is deeply satisfying. 

Many people find that the Deployment Team is their niche and they become mainstays of the department. For others, it’s a steppingstone to another position. When you work at VC3, you have lots of options and you can take your career where you want it to go. 

Ready to make a significant impact, develop your skills, and grow your career? Join the Deployment Team at VC3. Apply today and get started on a rewarding career journey in IT >> 

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