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[Inside VC3] Onboarding Analyst: Laying the Groundwork for Successful Support

VC3 Onboarding Analyst

Before a new client can get started with VC3 managed IT services, there’s some setup necessary to prepare and document their current IT environment. This is the job of Onboarding Analysts who use their technical skills and communication expertise to get the relationship started on the right foot. 

Part of the work of an Onboarding Analyst is onsite at client locations and part of it is remote. The people who love this role thrive on variety and see every new IT environment as an opportunity to learn. They like working autonomously but appreciate the benefits that come from being part of a team. They enjoy meeting people and get a thrill from being the first VC3 face for new clients who are eager to improve their IT experience. 

Diverse Environments and Rapid Skill Development 


The onsite component of an Onboarding Analysts’ role provides benefits that few other roles can match. Each onboarding project is a fresh experience because every IT infrastructure is different. Plus, the exposure to so many different industries and types of businesses is interesting. 

Onboarding Analysts' hands-on experience with technology speeds up their skill development. Because they’re always faced with new situations, they develop confidence that they can tackle whatever is in front of them. They also gain confidence in their ability to communicate with all kinds of people in a variety of settings and circumstances. 

Flexibility and Time on the Road 

Onboarding_Analyst_Driving_a_Car - preview

 IT professionals considering a job as an Onboarding Analyst wonder about how many days a month they’ll be onsite and how much time they’ll be on the road. The answer to these questions is – it varies but 25 – 30% of work time is common.  

The number of hours needed for each onboarding project is dependent on the size of the client business, and the size and complexity of their infrastructure. The onsite work could take one day or several days. Sometimes overnight trips are needed because of the client’s location or because it’s simply the best way to get everything done. It just depends on where the Analyst lives, where the client is based, and what works best for everyone. 

Travel time depends on where the client is located so it could be a half-hour to a four-hour drive each way. In certain cases, Analysts opt to fly instead of drive. Whatever the mode of transportation, many people enjoy the travel time. They view it as a chance to see new places and catch up on their favorite podcasts.  

With all the variables that go into scheduling and traveling to client sites, flexibility is the name of the game. Work hours can be structured to accommodate personal obligations and lifestyle preferences. Keep in mind that about three-fourths of the work can be done remotely and that onsite visits are scheduled ahead of time and coordinated with the Analysts’ schedule. At VC3, we understand that maintaining a balance between work and home has a huge effect on health, relationships, and how people show up every day. 

Blend of Independent and Collaborative WorkOnboarding_Analyst_Teams_Call- Preview2

While Onboarding Analysts are on their own when they’re at client sites, they’re not alone. They’re part of a team that includes project coordinators, project managers, and other Analysts. Onboarding team members also interact with technical specialists in other parts of the company when they need advice on how to handle specific situations. There’s a lot of collaboration and opportunities for everyone to learn from each other through regular meetings, knowledge-sharing sessions, and mentoring. 

The team plays a vital role in helping new Analysts ramp up from “I’ve never done this before,” to “I got this.” In addition to learning how to document an IT environment, and deploy tools, new team members shadow experienced coworkers. When they’re new to the job, Analysts can expect to work side-by-side with their manager, stepping through entire projects then taking the reins when they’re ready. Even then, they’re never alone. 

Ready to Get Out of the Office? 

Are you ready to push back your desk chair and get out of the office? The role of an Onboarding Analyst at VC3 offers a unique blend of challenges, learning opportunities, and the satisfaction that comes from knowing you’re making a tangible difference in client success. If you crave variety, thrive on technical challenges, and appreciate the power of person-to-person interactions, you’re invited to explore how this could be your next career move. 

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