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[Inside VC3] Field Engineer/ Field Analyst: Out on the Frontline but Not Flying Solo

VC3 Field Engineer

Field Engineers and Field Analysts at VC3 are IT professionals who swoop in and fix issues that can only be accomplished onsite. These folks are out and about, getting hands on experience with a variety of IT environments, tackling problems they may never have seen before, yet they’re not flying solo. They’re equipped to do what needs to be done and they’re never alone. They have a team of pros a phone call away, ready to brainstorm solutions, and share their knowledge.  

The best part about this job is that these onsite technicians aren’t stuck behind a desk. They’re headed somewhere different each day, from bustling city offices to cool, quirky towns. Every day holds its own challenges, successes, and opportunities to learn something new. 

Incident Response, Regular Tasks and “Hey You’s” 

Field Engineers and Field Analysts set their own schedule for each day, depending on the types of tickets that are assigned to them, and the priority placed on each one. While every client issue is important, an incident that stops work for many people takes precedence. 

Downtime situations can put pressure on the technician to find a fix as quickly as possible, but they don’t happen every day. Incident response days are scattered amongst regular days to take care of scheduled tasks like installing a printer or configuring networking equipment.  

It’s common for a technician to get flagged down while they’re on a client site by someone who needs help. Accommodating these “Hey You requests in the moment, whenever possible, not only fixes what might have been a nagging frustration but spreads goodwill at the same time. 


Communicating with Clients in Different Situations 

Because they’re interacting directly with employees at client companies at their work location, Field Engineers and Field Analysts can have a huge effect on nurturing relationships with clients. Whether they’re in the heat of a downtime incident or making small talk, they know that the way they communicate and empathize with what people are experiencing influences the feelings that linger after the moment has passed. 

For some, this kind of communication comes naturally, while for others, it's a skill to be learned. On-the-job training plays a significant role in getting newcomers comfortable with communicating with clients and dealing with diverse IT environments. Experience breeds confidence, making interactions with clients and navigating new situations second nature over time. 

Varied Locations and Drive Time 

Taking a different route to wherever they’re going to work each day also becomes familiar for Field Engineers and Field Analysts as they travel to various locations. Drive time can be as little as 30 minutes or a couple of hours depending on what the schedule looks like. Each technician’s home location is a factor in how much they’ll be on the road and what the traffic conditions are like. 

Onboarding_Analyst_Driving_a_Car - preview

Travel time is part of the job and included in each day’s work hours. There can be some fluctuation as to when the day starts and ends but that’s largely up to the technicians themselves and their prioritization of what they need to accomplish balanced with their personal obligations. Lots of people really enjoy the driving and consider it a nice break between locations to listen to music or a podcast, or just enjoy the scenery. 

Interested in Becoming a Traveling Tech Expert? 

Field Analysts and Engineers thrive on the thrill of learning and the adventure that comes with exploring new IT territories in different kinds of organizations. They are independent spirits who also know the value of teamwork, always ready to lend a hand or ask for one when needed. 

Their work involves fixing issues on the spot, chatting with clients, and adapting to fresh challenges every day. They mix tech smarts with people skills, as they tackle everything from urgent problems to planned projects and client questions with a focus on clear communication and building strong relationships. This role is all about solving technical puzzles, learning on the fly, and making a real difference for clients. 

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