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IT Solutions for Construction


Information technology and the construction industry might not, at first glance, sound like the most natural of partners, but these days, digital solutions are a vital part of almost every sector, business, and industry.

Innovation and digital technology offers enormous opportunities for construction companies, providing huge benefits when it comes to flexibility, connectivity, data, and speed by leveraging the power of LTE, 5G cellular networks, and cloud computing.

Organizations today must be agile, and construction companies are no different. At VC3, we are always on the lookout for ways to accelerate our clients’ businesses and partners to help us drive innovation and success. For our construction clients, we have a truly innovative solution.

Meet Cradlepoint

Cradlepoint provides wireless edge solutions, leveraging LTE and 5G cellular networks to provide WAN that allows construction companies the reach, reliability, and agility they need to stay ahead of the competition and provide streamlined seamless services. Cradlepoint gives construction organizations the ability to connect their fixed and temporary sites, bringing vehicles, workforce, and head office into constant communication and ensuring effortless connectivity. With the addition of Internet of Things devices, the possibilities for faster, more productive, and more flexible jobs are almost endless.

Cradlepoint NetCloud is at the heart of everything they do. A versatile SaaS solution that combines cloud management, networking, and cutting-edge cybersecurity with the most up-to-date LTE and 5G technology to power and connect a vast network of carefully engineered wireless edge routers and adapters. It gives you the power to link up any number of temporary construction sites, creating a network that can be more easily administered and guided, and adds inherent flexibility to every job and task. 

A foundation in 5G that enables innovation in construction

Tools like smart sensors in the ground and mixed-reality headsets require an enormous amount of bandwidth. Visionary innovation is one thing, but it has to be backed up by solid foundations.

5G for business was the game-changer.

Always-on connectivity across multiple sites

LTE and wireless edge solutions are absolutely critical to success, especially in construction. In industrial construction work that comes with immovable deadlines, being agile with technology is a must. Power outages and downtime are huge risk factors, causing delays and loss of revenue. As projects they take on are highly technical, requiring cloud-based design applications which generate hundreds of gigabytes of data every month, regular SIM cards can’t always cope, and network outages are common.

Always-on connectivity in construction trailers means that workers and off-site teams are able to collaborate seamlessly, allowing for precision design adjustments whenever they are needed. By leveraging multiple carriers through Cradlepoint’s wireless routers, they are able to ensure seamless failover during power outages, and IT teams can manage the network and push out critical updates from a single pane of glass. 

A look at Australia: Constant connection ensures the trains run on time

When you win a contract to regauge 1000km of rail, you know there are going to be challenges. For this project, McConnell Dowell required seven remote site offices across the length of the track in Maryborough and Western Australia, each requiring stable connectivity to allow on-site designers and engineers to send large files and connect to the Head Office via Sharepoint. 

Using Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Service, they were able to leverage extensive cloud functionality, a purpose-built primary router, and 24/7 support to allow them to rapidly deploy and manage networks at geographically distributed sites and ensure fast, stable connectivity. 

For the construction industry, taking advantage of technology and digital innovation is no longer an abstract concept. Whether it is the necessity of day-1 connectivity for remote sites, fast and stable connections with enough bandwidth to handle sophisticated software, or failover and out-of-band management for branch continuity, digital solutions and construction now go hand in hand. 

On-Site. Online.

At VC3, our team of Strategic Advisors, with the power of Cradlepoint, helps the construction industry meet its technology needs to ensure when you are on-site, you are online.

Let's talk about how VC3 can help you AIM higher.