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Make It A Great 2015 - Note From The President - December 2014

We have reached the end of 2014. Did the year go by as fast for you as it did for me? It seems like yesterday we were sitting in the conference room planning the big rocks and goals for 2014! I hope you achieved what you set out to accomplish and that 2015 will shape up to be a great year. We have completed our plan and are ready to go!

Thank you very much to our clients and employees! I can’t express how lucky I am to have been blessed with amazing clients and the best performing group of individuals in the IT Support business. This year was great for VC3. Our dedication to planning and business objectives helped us reach some very important goals, making the outcomes for our clients much better than ever. As well, the organization has a culture of elite performance and customer service driven by a very solid set of core values. The result is that we have a really nice place to work with opportunity for everyone. This excites me!!

Over the last month or so, I have had the opportunity to meet with some very astute business executives and owners. The great part about these meetings was that the topic was Information Technology Strategy and how IT may impact their business plan for 2015. Here is the cool part: some of the leaders had not been in a position to talk about impacting the business plan because IT was never in a place that they could do so.

It is really fun to think about what you could do if your technology was giving you the results you desire and expect. To get to the strategic point of technology, you have to really manage the details, not just fix problems as they pop up. Fixing things that are already broken is a reactive management style that never leads to a solid and predictable result.

It is awesome to be able to look back at the year 2014 and be proud of what our team and our clients have accomplished!

Make it a great 2015,

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