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Priorities Revealed During Hurricane Ian – Spotlight on Denise D.

Team Member Spotlight - Denise D | VC3

Denise D. is the Manager for VC3’s remote service desk team based in Michigan. Shortly after she was hired for this position, she traveled from her Florida home to meet the team in person. While she was anticipating the gathering planned for the end of that week, she was also monitoring Hurricane Ian as it approached her home in southwest Florida.  1822367_Header&Quote-DeniseD_Opt1-1080x1080_112123
Despite her excitement to meet the team, Denise grew more and more concerned. She needed to return home and her supervisor told her to do what she needed to do and come back to work when she was ready. 
Upon her return home, Denise faced severe conditions in Florida, enduring three days without water, ten days without power, and 45 days without internet. Denise and her neighbors pulled together to clean up the mess and get back to normal life.  

Concern from Coworkers Everywhere 

While all this was happening, Denise’s Teams chat blew up with messages from people all over VC3 who were concerned about her welfare. Since she had only been with the company a few weeks, she didn’t know most of the people who were reaching out. There were so many messages that she eventually posted a message to the all-company channel to tell everyone thank you and that she was okay. 

“I really felt like I was coming into a family when I had all these people I didn’t even know, wanting to make sure I was okay,” recounted Denise. “They were concerned about my well-being, and I really appreciated that a great deal.” 

Nonstop Communication Connects her Team 

The Teams chatter that connected Denise with her VC3 colleagues all over the US and Canada, is what now keeps her connected to the remote service team she manages. She monitors the chat quite closely and jumps in when someone needs guidance. Sometimes she can provide the next step, and other times she directs the person to a coworker who can be a resource because of their particular skillset. 

The work at the service desk is fast paced. Denise says it takes lots of juggling and a little bit of balancing to get issues resolved and keep clients happy. While she supports her team, she in turn relies on her supervisor, Jarud. They communicate nonstop all day long. 

“Denise and I are on the same wavelength. We talk often about what’s going on with the team, the tickets and customer feedback.” Jarud explained. “She communicates well, and I have faith in her.” 

Denise sees the evidence of this faith every day as she makes decisions and manages her team as she sees fit, without being micromanaged. She hasn’t always had freedom like this in her career and it’s an important component of her job satisfaction. 

Job Satisfaction from Client Success 

Another part of Denise’s job satisfaction is knowing her work impacts client success. During her short time leading the Michigan remote team, the backlog of tickets has been reduced while positive feedback for the team has increased.  

Furthermore, when Denise has ideas for improvement, they’re taken seriously. Everything is up for discussion when it comes to ideas for how the team can better serve clients and that recently included a conversation with VC3’s CEO. 

“I had a 30-minute meeting with Ryan Vestby, the CEO. He wanted to know what it’s like on the ground with the Michigan team,” recalled Denise. “It was a really good meeting and just the fact that he reached out and spent that time with me meant a lot.” 

At VC3, Denise has found a place where her voice is heard, her well-being matters, and she knows she’s making a difference. She summed up her experience when she was talking to a friend about why he should consider a job at VC3. 

She told him, “This is a company you can trust. They’re solid and I’m happy here. I think you would be too.” 

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