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Tech, Talk and Trust Formula for Success – A Spotlight on Jon F.

VC3 Team Member Spotlight | Jon F.

When Jon F. was considering a job working remotely for VC3, his wife told him he wasn’t going to like it. She told him that he enjoyed talking to people too much and he wouldn’t get the person-to-person interaction that he thrived on. Turns out that Jon’s position as a Systems Engineer gives him just the right amount of interaction with both coworkers and clients, and his family benefits from having his work location in their home. 
As a Systems Engineer Level 2, Jon bounces back and forth between client calls, team meetings and head-down troubleshooting. He’s part of the team that acts as an escalation resource for the First Call Response (FCR) technicians. The Systems Engineers have their own queue of issues to attend to, but Jon always has his eye on the FCR ticket board and is on the lookout for priority issues and coworkers who need some help. 

“If we have the opportunity to reach out to the FCR team and help them get a problem solved faster, that’s good for VC3 and the client,” said Jon. “There are so many ways to do things in the IT world, so when the team chimes in there’s more knowledge to lean on.” 

Technical and Communications Skills Equally Important 

Jon has the deep technical skills necessary to figure out the root cause of tricky technical problems but he’s also great at person-to-person interactions. In fact, his parents thought JonTeam Member Spotlight - Jon F.-02 would have a career in sales because he was such a talker when he was growing up. They used to say that Jon could sell a ketchup popsicle to a lady in white gloves. 

Jon’s approach to communication is simple. He says you need to treat people like you want to be treated and be sensitive to their situation. He’s careful not to talk down to people as if he’s the all-knowing source of IT information. Instead, he treats people with respect and tries not to underestimate them. 

Clients comment on their interactions with Jon. They appreciate his thoroughness and the way he explains things to them. 

The positive feedback Jon gets from clients isn’t the only evidence that his interpersonal skills are an asset in his job role. Matt W., the Service Manager for Jon’s team, is also very complimentary. 

“Jon is very easy to get along with and is a great team player,” said Matt. “He’s always willing to go the extra mile to make sure the client is happy, and the issue is resolved.” 

Self-Management Skills Transferred from Military Experience 

There’s something else about Jon that helps him to be successful in his work and that’s self-management. It’s a skill he brought with him from his previous career as an aircraft mechanic in the US Marines. 

“There are a lot of remote positions at VC3, and the company puts a lot of trust in people to do their jobs. They don’t micromanage you, but they give you the tools, and say, ‘Let’s do this together.’” Jon explained. “In turn, employees have to do the right thing, even though someone’s not always looking.” 

What Jon is talking about is integrity and it’s not just an aspiration. It’s a value he lives out every day, and a big part of the reason for his success as a remote team member at VC3. While Jon recognizes his obligation to fulfill his job responsibilities, he understands that the relationship he has with his employer is one of give and take. He appreciates the flexibility he has to take care of personal obligations when they arise and to step away from his desk every afternoon to make sure his daughter gets home safely from school. 

Remote work isn’t for everyone, but it’s definitely a fit for Jon. He thrives in a setting where his technical and interpersonal skills shine. However, what truly distinguishes Jon is his unwavering determination to do the right thing. With this blend of skills and character attributes, Jon doesn’t just get the job done; he contributes to everyone’s success, all from the comfort of his home office.  

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