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Top 7 Financial Benefits of Managed IT Services

Why are business owners and executives are turning to managed IT services as a cost effective way to resource the IT function of their business? Because it makes financial sense to do so.

When making the switch to managed IT, these leaders aren’t just concerned about cutting their technology expenditures, they’re recognizing that a proactive approach to managing the IT function brings benefits that help them to be good financial stewards, while enabling their business goals.

Consider for yourself these top seven financial benefits of managed IT services.

1. Predictable Monthly Costs

If you’re paying a monthly fee for a block of time, or a set of deliverables that don’t cover all of your needs, then you’re probably going to experience wide swings in your monthly costs.

With managed IT services, you know what you’re going to pay each month based on your users or devices, and a set level of service. Make sure, however, that you know what is and is not included in the contract to determine if you’re going to have any gaps that will incur additional costs.

2. Control Costs

Having a predictable monthly fee is just one component of cost control. When you work with a top notch managed IT services provider, they’re going to help you uncover areas where you might be overspending.

For example, simply improving how you manage your software assets can save you hundreds of dollars each year. Improving your network management can help you to reign in internet costs. Your provider should also guide you to the best methods to store and manage your data so that you’re not paying for more storage or backup services than you need.

3. Scalability

When you contract with a managed service provider (MSP) for IT department services, you’ll never pay for more capacity than you need. Your contract with the MSP should stipulate when your price will adjust, usually monthly, as you add or subtract users or devices.

If you have a seasonal business where you need to ramp up for a period of a few months each year, this type of arrangement is especially beneficial.

4. Correct Allocation of Labor

If you have a Business Analyst working as a help desk technician, then you have a misallocation of labor. A Business Analyst is worth his salt when he’s working on your line-of-business software or creating custom reports to aid executive decision making -- not when he's fixing someone's computer.

When you work with an MSP, you have access to each IT discipline when you need it, without the added expense of another employee to go with it. Your internal team is then free to do the work that helps you innovate, and they can focus on other areas of your technology that will bring more value to your business.

5. Risk Management

If you don’t think that the way you manage IT affects the way you manage risk, think again.

If your network goes down, that’s a risk. If your backups can’t be restored, that’s a risk. If you have a cyber attack, that’s a huge risk.

Partnering with a managed IT service provider helps you make the unpredictable, predictable; and turn uncertainty into certainty. You also might sleep better at night.

6. Productivity

If your people are slowed down or stopped by an IT disruption, you’re losing money. You might also be putting your customer relationships at risk.

When you collaborate with a managed IT service provider for all or part of your IT needs, your whole organization can be more productive because they can rely on the technology tools that they use to do their work every day. Productivity translates into satisfied customers, too, who need to depend on you to serve their own customers.

7. Focus on Your Business

In organizations where technology is operating poorly, it’s easy for the focus of the business to be on fixing IT problems. That’s frustrating for your employees and your customers.

When you partner with an MSP, you don’t need to be your own IT expert anymore. You can count on them to bring you the IT expertise you need,and ideas on how to use technology to meet your business goals. Letting go of the burden of IT by improving the way you manage IT is absolutely liberating.

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