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Mapping Out a New Career Path – Spotlight on Erica A.

Erica A. is an Onboarding Project Manager at VC3. In this role she oversees the activities involved with setting up and turning on VC3 services for new clients. There’s a lot of communication and organization involved with these projects and Erica’s previous experience as a Senior Client Success Manager contributes greatly to her success. She knows what good collaboration looks like; she’s skilled at communicating with clients; and she’s not a newcomer to the onboarding process. 

What’s different now is that instead of working in tandem with a Strategic Advisor in the Strategy team to manage clients, Erica takes the lead and carries more responsibility for pushing projects forward to completion. As a Client Success Manager Erica played a key role in maintaining the flow of communication with clients and enhancing their experience. Now as an Onboarding Project Manager, she’s at the forefront of client interactions, leading the onboarding journey and setting the tone for the relationship. This means she directly influences both service delivery and client perceptions from the start. 

“Erica hit the ground running when she moved into her current role as Project Manager on the Onboarding team,” said Andrea H., her supervisor. “She is dedicated to bringing our new clients into VC3’s services smoothly while beginning our relationship on the right foot, a skillset she mastered in her previous role on the Strategy team.” 

More Career Opportunities After Acquisition 

Becoming a project manager was something Erica had wanted to do for some time but didn’tErica A Spotlight Social have the opportunity to do until the managed IT services company she was working at was acquired by VC3. When she became part of a larger company, Erica recognized that the opportunity she was waiting for to challenge herself and take her career in a different direction was right in front of her. 

“VC3 is a larger company. The departments are bigger, and opportunities continue to increase,” said Erica. “It’s really great to have an opportunity to map out a different career path.” 

When Erica stepped away from her role as Client Success Manager Supervisor, she also stepped away from the duties of managing people. What she saw in project management was a way to develop her career in a different way, as an individual contributor instead of a team leader. The leadership skills she developed as a supervisor are now used differently as she leads clients and project stakeholders to the successful completion of each onboarding project. 

“At VC3 we’re encouraged to speak up and follow our passion. It’s not frowned upon if you want to step away from one position and move into something different,” explained Erica. 

Client Success from Collaboration and Individual Contributions 

While she isn’t leading a team anymore, being part of a team is her favorite part of her job. Erica enjoys working with colleagues in all the different regions that VC3 serves. Although onboarding team members are located throughout the US and Canada, everyone knows they can count on each other to provide guidance, share best practices or ideas for improvement. 

Erica thrives on this kind of collaboration. It’s stimulating to bring people together who have different ideas but are also open-minded. Despite the diversity in experience, thought and the path they took to get to VC3, Erica recognizes that what binds them together is their mutual belief in the core values that guide their actions, along with their shared dedication to client results. 

Erica’s journey illustrates how individual, team and client success are interlinked. By moving from the Strategy and Account Management team to the Onboarding team, she found a way to build on her experience and develop a new skillset at the same time. At VC3, Erica’s ambitions are not limited, and she has the freedom, and the opportunity, to take her career where she wants it to go. 

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